Is installing private parcel delivery boxes in apartment houses a new way of receiving your parcel?

The iconic mailbox was and is simple and has always been very utilitarian. Other than housing mails, it also acted as a sign that delivery personnel could easily locate and identify a particular address. The classic mailbox is still relevant and it has obviously undergone substantial changes to become more modern. But such a mailbox is only confined to homes or houses. It is not always a luxury available to apartment dwellers. Also, the security issue has always been an Achilles heel of the iconic mailbox.

Today, private parcel delivery boxes are changing the way people receive their mails. Normal mails or letters are not that difficult to deliver. The problem is with larger parcels and especially when they are sent using international courier services that need someone to be at home or at the address. Apartments don’t always have any dedicated space for large parcels and most people are seldom home. The trouble to head to the local postal office or the branch office of the international courier services or having the neighbor to receive the parcel can be done away with parcel delivery boxes.

Some courier companies have initiated installing such boxes in apartments across Germany. These boxes are installed in the apartments which can be opened and operated using hand scanners and RFID so they are secured. Apartment owners or renters can access these boxes whenever there is a parcel or some mail and can also return parcels using postage from within these boxes. There is no need to be home, no need to schedule any time and there doesn’t have to be someone else attending to the receipt. This works well for the sender, the recipient and the courier. Such services are not yet available if you send a parcel to France but should the test phases be successful in Germany, many couriers may start developing this into a practice in many countries across Europe.

Security, convenience, efficiency and surefire delivery, everything is ensured with such parcel delivery boxes. It is not a surprise that many apartment dwellers and courier companies in Germany are rejoicing the development. However, for now the boxes are only being installed in association with DHL so other companies don’t have the access. But things may change in the near future and the cooperation may expand and include other couriers.